Empresa: Page Personnel
Provincia: Barcelona
Población: Barcelona, Spain
Descripción: Passionate: You love working with Scala (or have a strong willingness to learn) and backend applications. You have a track record in programming languages like Java or a functional programming language. Youre the type that appreciates clean code and have experience in writing unit tests to keep the utmost in code quality!

Curious: You stay on top of trends, explore emerging technologies, and treat every project as an opportunity to learn new things. You have desire to learn new technologies and evaluate multiple approaches to solve a problem.

Friendly: You know that communication can make or break a project. You are excited to mentor junior engineers. You know how to give (and receive) constructive feedback. You are able to work with teams across the world and dont let different time zones and language barriers stop you!

Bonus points:

Experience: You have worked with teams in different countries and can effectively communicate with teammates from around the world. You have helped build out new teams and know what to look for to assess soft skills as well as technical skills when interviewing candidates. You have some experience in building RESTful APIs and faced/solved problems that [+] Ampliar información

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