Empresas: Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Your mission as CWT Travel Counselor is to deliver the perfect trip so that CWT can sustain optimum results for clients and shareholders. You are specifically responsible for delighting the traveler, building commercial value, and strengthening the CWT brand in a way that balances the requirements of all stakeholders and positions our workforce as a key differentiator for our business.

You delight the traveler:
– Listen and lead the conversation to solve problems in a timely manner with all types of customers in all circumstances
– Connect with the caller to build trust and credibility even if the person is unknown
– Be a trusted advisor by offering informed and insightful recommendations which provide the very best traveler experience in each situation

You build CWT’s commercial value:
– Sell products that are of commercial value to CWT and contribute to CWT’s profitability
– Remain current on value we provide to each customer
– Adapt and change as requirements of the business change

You strengthen the CWT brand:
– Represent the CWT brand in how you work on a day-to-day basis
– Embrace new technology and ways of working that promote flexibility to adjust quickly to shifting [+] Ampliar información

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