Empresa: SELLBYTEL Group S.A.. País: España. Provincia: Barcelona. Localidad: Barcelona. Sector: Atención al cliente. Fecha: 14 de febrero
Requisitos: Spanish and catalan native speaker
– English is a plus
– Knowledge as a car technician
– Experience as in technical trainer
– Good communicational approach: Verbal and Written
– Customer oriented
– Empathy
– Team worker
– High motivation
– Flexibility
– Capacity to negotiate
– Ability to work systematically and organized manner
– Good stress management
– Keyboard skills”
– High Skills in new technologies
– Previous automotive brand experience
– “Millenial Generation” or “Y Generation”
– Commitment / Adaptability
– Self confidence
– Experience in Volkswagen group environment
– Experience in a similar position

_The recruitment processes and people involved in them (both recruiters and Project Managers) will not discriminate any candidacy because of age, disability, ethnic, marital status, gender, nationality, ideology, politic, race, religion and sexual orientation
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